Cryptocurrency Casino Bonus Offers

The best cryptocurrency casinos reward their players’ loyalty via bonus incentives and selected privileges just as a regular establishment would. We provide our recommendations for certain categories of bonuses suited to your playstyle you might want to take advantage of.

Best Free Crypto Bonuses

In the crypto domain you will not always find flat no deposit bonuses on signup but there are various alternatives which essentially serve the same purpose. Free crypto bonuses can range from a regular free crypto faucet to community based rewards such as rain or chat game prizes. In particular for new players and crypto novices a free crypto bonus is well-suited to explore a casino’s functionality without necessarily committing funds or having to set up a wallet first.

Best Rakeback Bonuses

Rakeback or cashback bonuses are types of incremental loyalty incentives that reward players with a percentage of their wager volumes. If the website features a ranking system the rakebate rate is typically dependent on the player rank and may attain substantial levels in case of high-rollers. Rakeback is an often overlooked continuous bonus which can amount to significant cumulative rewards over time.

Best VIP Programs

Some casinos like to reserve selected and exclusive privileges for particularly loyal customers. Depending on the casino and implementation a VIP program may be connected to a general user rank system or resticted to selected high-roller clients. In the context of our classification we define VIP programs as loyalty incentives which unlock unique exclusive features that are otherwise inaccessible. VIP programs are often characteristic of high-roller casinos and vice versa although the correspondence is not always one-to-one.