Return to Player (RTP)

Understanding the conditions for success in gambling and competing with the house.

One of the most important metrics in games of chance, the return to player (RTP) denotes the stochastical expectation value (EV) of the payout relative to the bet size. A perfectly fair game with no edge towards either player or the house would correspond to a RTP of exactly 100%. Identifying the highest achievable RTPs in casino games is an significant aspect of finding the best and fairest casinos that make the players’ engagement worthwhile and maximize their gambling prospects. By the so-called “law of large numbers” your relative gambling profit in any game will inevitably gravitate towards the RTP over time which is why striving for an RTP close to 100% is essential for your long term success.

Perhaps not surprisingly the highest RTP is typically attained in skill based games such as Blackjack or sports betting, where a proficient player may even achieve a rate above 100% under some conditions, effectively turning the usual house edge into a player edge. But even if gambling purely for fun, you should know your worth and never settle for substandard odds. We have compiled an overview over typical game RTPs for your reference and to check whether you have chosen odds that are skewed towards your favor to the fullest potential.

GameTypical RTPNotes
Blackjack99.0% to 99.9+%skill & rule dependent
more than 100% possible