Cryptocurrency Casinos

The spectrum of favourite cryptocurrency casinos is just as wide as the variety of their users’ personal preferences. We have compiled some categories of quality metrics you might be particularly interested in to help you find the provider that best suits your needs.

Recommended anonymous casinos

Anonymity and decentralization are foundational paradigms of cryptocurrencies themselves. And contrary to classic casinos there are reputable and legitimate cryptocurrency gambling providers which allow anonymous player accounts without registration of personal data. Even a player not categorically interested in absolute anonymity may nevertheless appreciate their services as it mitigates the risk of any data abuse for the user. But beware, without registration there are no account recovery options – only use anonymous accounts if you know what you are doing!

Also note that anonymity is not an invitation for abuse – respectable casinos can still and will close suspicious accounts.

Recommended fast casinos

Historically many cryptocurrency casinos emerged with a very minimalistic and therefore fast site setup. Combined with the low minimum bets allowed for by the high divisibility of cryptocurrencies this makes them perfectly suited for automated betting bots with API access and custom strategies. A fast casino site can typically handle about 10 provably fair dice bets per player per second without difficulty.

Recommended high roller casinos

The anonymity of cryptocurrency makes a compelling argument for high rollers to consider crypto providers for high stakes gambling. A good high roller casino does not only provide superior security privacy but also offers a competetive and dedicated VIP program. Furthermore the casinos’s bankroll should allow allow high stakes betting corresponding to large maximum wins – typically a few BTC or equivalent.

Recommended mobile casinos

Mobile gambling is a relatively new feature in the crypto casino space which has yet to establish. However given the overall trend towards mobile gaming the adoption seems just a question of time. A good mobile casino should offer a responsive design or even a dedicated mobile app.

Recommended provably fair casinos

Provable fairness is a feature unique to cryptocurrency casinos. Resembling asymmetric public-private key cryptography, this technique guarantees that each bet is resolved using random seeds of both player and casino – with no possibility of cheating one another. If you prioritize fairness above anything else be sure to consider provably fair casinos and regularly verify your bet results using on-site verifiers of third party resources such as the ProvablyFair verifier.


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